The FICCI Higher Education Excellence (HEE) Awards recognize and honor institutions and individuals who have achieved unparalleled excellence in higher education in India. The HEE Awards promote a culture of excellence, encouraging knowledge sharing and collaboration among educational institutions by recognizing innovative practices, cutting-edge research, academic leadership, and industry engagement that contribute to raising the standard of higher education in India.

Winning a FICCI Higher Education Excellence Award signifies an institution's unwavering commitment to excellence and establishes them as a benchmark for quality education. It serves as a testament to their dedication, leadership, and collaboration with industry partners, demonstrating their ability to deliver exceptional education and create a positive societal impact.


The FICCI HEE Awards have been dedicated to acknowledging exceptional accomplishments in enhancing higher education in India for the past eight years. With over 1000 participating institutions and more than 100 outstanding awardees, the HEE Awards have cultivated a culture of excellence, knowledge exchange, and collaborative endeavors in India's higher education landscape.


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