The "University of the Year" award category celebrates universities that have erected enduring ecosystems and showcased unyielding dedication to excellence throughout every facet of university administration. Demonstrating a holistic approach, these universities have embraced a comprehensive range of endeavors, from enriching faculty development and pioneering curriculum design to fostering global engagement, conducting impactful research, spearheading student employability initiatives, forging robust industry partnerships, and pioneering social responsibility initiatives. Their consistent and outstanding performance has led to remarkable outcomes, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of Indian higher education.

The award has three subcategories based on the number of years of establishment:

  • Emerging (10- 20 Years) - In existence for more than 10 years as on March 31, 2023
  • Established (More than 15 Years) - In existence for more than 15 years as on March 31, 2023

Submission Guidelines

Showcase your institution's initiative, project, or service as part of a case study for the awards. The case study should clearly demonstrate the objective of the initiative, as well as the measurable impact it has had. It is important to support this impact with evidence and reports.

To help guide you in creating your case study, we have provided a few illustrations of enabling environments, initiatives, projects, services, technologies, and collaborations that have had a positive impact. However, please note that these examples are not exhaustive, and we encourage institutions to submit any initiative, project, or service they feel is deserving of recognition.

In addition to highlighting the impact of your initiative, it is important to discuss future plans and potential outcomes. This will demonstrate your institution's commitment to continued progress and innovation.

Overall, we want your case study to effectively communicate the value and success of your institution's work. By providing a well-presented and comprehensive description of your initiative and its impact, you will increase the chances of your institution being recognized and awarded for its work in the particular area.



Enabling Environment

  • Institution’s overall vision and mission
  • How does the institution define ‘excellence’?
  • Role of the team members to promote university as a whole
  • How are internal stakeholders informed about the institution’s beliefs on excellence?

Initiative/ Project/ Service

  • Institutions should be able to demonstrate initiative/ project/ service taken by them across following levers of the higher education system

Curriculum/ Pedagogy/ Faculty

  • Is your institute providing new and emerging coursework which is more industry specific?
  • How does you institute design the coursework? Is you institute designing this coursework with a collaboration from industry source and faculty member?
  • Indicate how institution has been able to maintain following aspects of faculty: Qualification of the faculty, availability, professional development and recognition of teaching abilities
  • Mention the different faculty development programmes and if there is any collaboration with the industry or any other institution
  • Describe any initiative in pedagogy developed by faculty?
  • Mention the fund generated by faculty
  • Any other


  • Detail out the infrastructure and facilities made available to the faculty and student to support their growth and development
  • Green initiatives taken for environmentally friendly campus, if any
  • Any other

Globalisation of education

  • Details of the student and faculty sent abroad or foreign students coming to India for foreign exchange program, joint research program, industrial visit, internship, others
  • Do you include international best practices in your curriculum development process?
  • Describe the methods your institution is using to partner with international institutions or organizations
  • Any other

Research publications

  • Detail the research project or publications your institution has worked on
  • Details on patents filed or acquired
  • Does your institution have any Centre of Excellence/ Incubation Centre with industry /other stakeholders for research? Describe the details of the same
  • What is the percentage of funds allocated to for research? Any grant received from government or other stakeholders
  • Any other


  • Detail out how your institute partners with other faculty, corporations and institutes to constantly upgrade the knowledge
  • Individuals from the statutory bodies/apex bodies of governance are included in the institutions governing body
  • How does the institution promote participative decision making?
  • Innovative governing practices are developed with the help of inputs received from the students & faculty ensuring continuous interest
  • Any other

Industry engagement for creation of employment opportunities

  • Details as how industry engagement helps you in keeping your curriculum updated
  • Describe the details as how your institution engaged with industry to understand their requirement of potential jobs in the industry
  • How do you leverage your alumni network in getting placements, internship, funds and other collaborations with industry?
  • Alumni engagement for consultation to budding entrepreneurs
  • Any other


  • Existing ICT infrastructure
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • LAN
  • Others
  • Growth plans for ICT infrastructure in your institution
  • Any other

Process and Outcome Metrics

The impact should be measurable and generic statements should be avoided. Supporting evidence should be provided in form of measurable reports and metrics to assist jury members in evaluation of impact.

University showcasing exceptional performance against the following indicators, but not limited too, that has helped the institution grow and flourish, such as:

  • Curriculum/ Pedagogy/ Faculty (changes in coursework to accommodate trends, Global standard in education imparted, benefit of associations with different programs, impact of faculty exchange programs on the overall development of faculty and students, etc.)
  • Infrastructure (impact of infrastructural development on student’s growth and development)
  • Globalisation of education (impact of the student and faculty exchange programs)
  • Enabling research (what were the results of the research funded by the organization etc.)
  • Governance (outcomes of the initiatives rolled out by the institution, local community support, etc.)
  • Industry engagement for creation of employment opportunities (new associations with corporation to help students start a career, positive growth of relation with existing employer of student, student placement ratios, impact of alumni network on student internship/ placement/ budding entrepreneur, etc.)
  • Technology (effective use of leading-edge technologies, how it embraces positive changes, etc.)
  • Achieving edge over the peers in education delivery
  • Any other

Illustrations of Technology and Collaboration

What are the innovative technologies led initiatives undertaken by the institution?

  • Leveraging technology to maximize the impact of the initiative/ project undertaken by the institution to improve the outcome
  • Leveraging technology to collaborate with industry, other institution, government and local communities for initiative/ project


  • What technologies do you use and how do integrate the use technology in the below and other areas?
    • Learning and assessment purpose
    • Student performance management and support
    • Collaboration: internal and external
    • Professional development of faculty and leadership
    • Research o Institutional social responsibility and community engagement projects
    • Globalisation programs o Placements and employability training
  • Do you have a dedicated EdTech team in place? How do they operate and what is their impact in terms of metrics such as learning outcomes?
  • What is your education technology roadmap?

Future Plans

What are the initiative/ project/ service taken to sustain the following:

  • Steps to sustain the above-mentioned initiative/ project/ service:
  • Funding required to sustain initiative/ project/ service
  • Impact of technology to scale up the initiative/ project/ service
  • Any other