The "Excellence in Institutional Social Responsibility" award category acknowledges institutions that have demonstrated outstanding commitment to driving positive change and social impact. These institutions integrate social responsibility into their core values, actively engaging in initiatives that uplift communities, promote sustainable practices, and address pressing societal issues. Through their dedicated efforts, these institutions play a pivotal role in fostering inclusivity, catalyzing community development, and inspiring a broader culture of responsible citizenship.

Submission Guidelines

Showcase your institution's initiative, project, or service as part of a case study for the awards. The case study should clearly demonstrate the objective of the initiative, as well as the measurable impact it has had. It is important to support this impact with evidence and reports.

To help guide you in creating your case study, we have provided a few illustrations of enabling environments, initiatives, projects, services, technologies, and collaborations that have had a positive impact. However, please note that these examples are not exhaustive, and we encourage institutions to submit any initiative, project, or service they feel is deserving of recognition.

In addition to highlighting the impact of your initiative, it is important to discuss future plans and potential outcomes. This will demonstrate your institution's commitment to continued progress and innovation.

Overall, we want your case study to effectively communicate the value and success of your institution's work. By providing a well-presented and comprehensive description of your initiative and its impact, you will increase the chances of your institution being recognized and awarded for its work in the particular area.


Enabling Environment

  • Institution’s overall vision and mission
  • Objective of the institution focusing on institutional social responsibility in education
  • Sustaining a culture of ISR in your institution
  • Articulate the vision of ISR at your institution
  • How is responsibility assigned within the institution to lead and coordinate ISR activities?
  • How do you raise awareness for ISR activities internally?
  • How do you keep local communities and alumni engaged through the years in ISR activities?
  • Funds allocated to ISR?
  • How do you connect with local NGOs, funders & communities?
  • Role of the team members to promote initiatives/ projects undertaken
  • Budget allocated for such initiatives/ projects
  • Steps undertaken by the institution to connect with peer institutions, organizations and NGO to resolves issues of ISR

Initiative/ Project/ Service

  • Describe the brief ISR initiative/ project/ service undertaken by institution which was sponsored by institution, government agency, industry partner, etc.
  • The initiatives should include increase in awareness and involvement in social responsibility through curricula and classroom activities, internship and social responsibility in education

Process and Outcome Metrics
The impact should be measurable and generic statements should be avoided. Supporting evidence should be provided in form of measurable reports and metrics to assist jury members in evaluation of impact.

The participant needs to provide measurable data on below points:

  • Number of ISR initiatives that institution has participated
  • Budget allocation for ISR initiatives
  • Number of students, faculty and sponsor participation
  • Sponsor amount

Technology and Collaboration

What are the innovative technologies led initiatives undertaken by the institution

  • Leveraging technology to maximize the impact of the initiative/ project undertaken by the institution to improve the outcome
  • Leveraging technology to collaborate with industry, government and local communities for initiative/ project

Technology and Collaboration

  • How do you use technology to disseminate project information, progress and results?
  • Do you connect with your target communities online?
  • Do you provide online mechanisms for donors and funding agencies to view and fund your projects?
  • Do you employ advanced technologies such as AI, Robotics, Voice recognition, Blockchain, IoT and others in your social projects?
  • How do you share opinions and evangelize your ISR activities with other institutions, with an aim to foster cross-institutional synergies?
  • How do you encourage / foster processes for inter-disciplinary engagement on ISR projects (internally across departments and programs, as well externally)?

Future Plans
What are the steps you will take to sustain the above-mentioned initiative/ project/ service?

  • Steps you take to sustain the mentioned initiative/ project/ service
  • Funding provided to sustain the initiative/ project/ service
  • Partnering with more NGOs or institutes having a similar objective or vision of imparting education to the underprivileged
  • Extending coverage to increase number of beneficiaries
  • Developing a separate ISR wing which includes students & teachers which connects with NGOs, village authorities and other relevant people ensure a continual sustainable action plan
  • Impact of technology to sustain the initiative/ project/ service
  • Any other

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