Excellence in Creating Employment


The "Excellence in Creating Employment" award category recognizes institutions that have exhibited remarkable achievements in fostering pathways to meaningful employment. These institutions have established effective strategies to empower students with skills aligned with industry demands, enabling them to become job-ready individuals. By cultivating strong industry networks, offering immersive hands-on learning, updating curricula, facilitating intensive internships, and providing exceptional placement support, these institutions actively contribute to generating employment opportunities and shaping a workforce prepared for real-world challenges.

Excellence in Research, Innovation & Entrepreneurship


The "Excellence in Research, Innovation & Entrepreneurship" award category honors institutions that have demonstrated outstanding commitment to fostering a culture of research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. These institutions provide a conducive environment for high-quality research endeavors that effectively translate research outcomes into impactful real-world solutions. Moreover, they nurture critical thinking, cultivate innovative mindsets, encourage experimental exploration, and instill an entrepreneurial spirit among their students. Through these comprehensive efforts, these institutions significantly contribute to advancing knowledge, driving innovation, and fostering a culture of entrepreneurship.

Excellence in Globalization      


The "Excellence in Globalization" award category recognizes institutions that have excelled in expanding their reach and impact on a global scale. These institutions have effectively embraced internationalization strategies, fostering cross-cultural understanding, collaboration, and exchange. They have also successfully established strong global linkages and strategic frameworks for student mobility, collaborative research, conferences, curriculum enhancement, immersive programs, joint teaching, and exchange initiatives that have significantly internationalized both teaching and learning experiences in their institutions.

Excellence in Institutional Social Responsibility


The "Excellence in Institutional Social Responsibility" award category acknowledges institutions that have demonstrated outstanding commitment to driving positive change and social impact. These institutions integrate social responsibility into their core values, actively engaging in initiatives that uplift communities, promote sustainable practices, and address pressing societal issues. Through their dedicated efforts, these institutions play a pivotal role in fostering inclusivity, catalyzing community development, and inspiring a broader culture of responsible citizenship.

University of the Year      

  • Emerging (10- 20 Years)
  • Established (More than 15 Years)

The "University of the Year" award category celebrates universities that have erected enduring ecosystems and showcased unyielding dedication to excellence throughout every facet of university administration. Demonstrating a holistic approach, these universities have embraced a comprehensive range of endeavors, from enriching faculty development and pioneering curriculum design to fostering global engagement, conducting impactful research, spearheading student employability initiatives, forging robust industry partnerships, and pioneering social responsibility initiatives. Their consistent and outstanding performance has led to remarkable outcomes, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of Indian higher education.


Please note:

  • The award categories may be changed/modified/split/merged/increased or cancelled by the jury based on the number and quality of entries received in each category.  
  • If no participant in a category is found to be worthy of inclusion by the jury, the award category may be cancelled by the jury. The decision of the Jury in this regard will be final and non- contestable. The Awards management will not entertain any queries in this regard.
  • Participants can submit multiple application forms for the same or different categories, provided it is for a different initiative/project.
  • If multiple forms are received for the same initiative/project, only one form will be considered. The Jury will decide which entry will be considered for the awards.


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