The "Excellence in Research, Innovation & Entrepreneurship" award category honors institutions that have demonstrated outstanding commitment to fostering a culture of research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. These institutions provide a conducive environment for high-quality research endeavors that effectively translate research outcomes into impactful real-world solutions. Moreover, they nurture critical thinking, cultivate innovative mindsets, encourage experimental exploration, and instill an entrepreneurial spirit among their students. Through these comprehensive efforts, these institutions significantly contribute to advancing knowledge, driving innovation, and fostering a culture of entrepreneurship.

Submission Guidelines

Showcase your institution's initiative, project, or service as part of a case study for the awards. The case study should clearly demonstrate the objective of the initiative, as well as the measurable impact it has had. It is important to support this impact with evidence and reports.

To help guide you in creating your case study, we have provided a few illustrations of enabling environments, initiatives, projects, services, technologies, and collaborations that have had a positive impact. However, please note that these examples are not exhaustive, and we encourage institutions to submit any initiative, project, or service they feel is deserving of recognition.

In addition to highlighting the impact of your initiative, it is important to discuss future plans and potential outcomes. This will demonstrate your institution's commitment to continued progress and innovation.

Overall, we want your case study to effectively communicate the value and success of your institution's work. By providing a well-presented and comprehensive description of your initiative and its impact, you will increase the chances of your institution being recognized and awarded for its work in the particular area.



Creating Employment Opportunities

  • Institution’s overall vision and mission
  • How does the mission incorporate a focus on industry engagement?
  • Role of the team members to promote industry engagement at your institution
  • Leadership support/policies for industry engagement
  • Do you engage and actively build a network of alumni and external mentors?
  • Funds allocated to pursue industry engagement
  • Details of incubator network or ecosystem to encourage entrepreneurship amongst the students and faculty?
  • Any other

Initiative/ Project/ Service

The initiative/ project/ service could be in the following or additional areas:

  • Workshops: This will include resume building workshops, mock interviews to prepare students, Industry speakers sharing knowledge on different fields
  • Student counselling: Counselling provided to students by teachers in terms of which electives to choose which can assist them in achieving their career goals
  • Industry tie-up for trainings: This will involve training the students in the particular industry by an external/ third party organisation
  • Industry engagement: How does your industry interaction influencing your curriculum, pedagogy and research
  • Student entrepreneurship: Describe the systems which your institution has in place to encourage student entrepreneurship. How do you encourage faculty and industry to promote this in your institution? Have you developed any incubator network or ecosystem to encourage entrepreneurship amongst the students and faculty?
  • Alumni support: Alumni inspire and impart knowledge to the students as to how they went about applying to that organisation, experience garnered, work culture, sharing experiences etc. How do you leverage alumni network in placements, internship, funds, collaboration with industry, curriculum, etc.
  • Campus recruitments: Tie – up/ contract with organisations to come and hire a particular number of students from the institution
  • Curriculum & Pedagogy: Framework to periodically seek inputs from the industry and incorporating the requirements as part of the curriculum
  • Faculty training: Train faculty to better understand the subject so they in turn can impart knowledge to students, this could include international exchanges
  • Infrastructure: Improvement of infrastructure both physical and digital in order to support creation of employment opportunities
  • Any other: Any other initiative/ project/ service the institution has taken in regard to career guidance and creation of employment opportunities

Process and Outcome Metrics

For process and outcomes, participants can consider providing measurable data on below and other additional points:

  • Number of students who have done joint research program and live projects in India or in international locations with other institution/ organization
  • Number of students who have received internship in India or abroad through the institution
  • Number of students who have received pre-placement offer or pre-placement interview offer in India and in abroad
  • Number of companies visited in the institution
  • Number of offers received by the students of the institution

Technology and Collaboration

  • Leveraging technology to maximize the impact of the initiative/ project undertaken by the institution for creating employment opportunities through industry engagement
  • Leveraging technology to connect with industry, teacher/students for project work, research and internship opportunities
  • Leveraging technology to connect with alumni and external mentors using a community-based networking platform


  • Do you provide technology-based e-portfolio platforms where students and teachers can share their achievements internally and externally?
  • Do you use technology to provide interested industry members insight into your student and teacher base, their abilities, achievements, and performance, so that they can find the right candidates?
  • Do you have a technology platform to connect industry directly with teachers and/or students for project work, research, and internship opportunities?
  • Do you use technology platforms where potential employers can showcase their strengths to students or post job opportunities?
  • Do you use social media and other public online platforms to publicise the student and teacher achievements through the year?
  • Do you engage and actively build a network of alumni and external mentors using a community-based networking platform?
  • Do you provide an online platform for skill building courses for students and teachers?
  • Do you provide access to students for popular job sites through an institutional subscription?


  • How do you ensure that all schools/dept are involved in industry engagement?
  • How do you work with peer institution for activities of industry engagement?

Future Plans

  • Steps taken to sustain the initiative/ project/ service.
  • Funding required to sustain initiative/ project/ service.
  • Impact of technology to scale up the initiative/ project/ service.
  • Any other

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