Excellence in Faculty Development

Institutions which have established a sustainable ecosystem for faculty, set out a long-term roadmap to identify, nurture and grow faculty talent and demonstrating tangible outcomes leveraging communities and technologies for improving teaching effectiveness at the institution.

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Submission Guidelines

Showcase your institution's initiative, project, or service as part of a case study for the awards. The case study should clearly demonstrate the objective of the initiative, as well as the measurable impact it has had. It is important to support this impact with evidence and reports.

To help guide you in creating your case study, we have provided a few illustrations of enabling environments, initiatives, projects, services, technologies, and collaborations that have had a positive impact. However, please note that these examples are not exhaustive, and we encourage institutions to submit any initiative, project, or service they feel is deserving of recognition.

In addition to highlighting the impact of your initiative, it is important to discuss future plans and potential outcomes. This will demonstrate your institution's commitment to continued progress and innovation.

Overall, we want your case study to effectively communicate the value and success of your institution's work. By providing a well-presented and comprehensive description of your initiative and its impact, you will increase the chances of your institution being recognized and awarded for its work in the particular area.

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Enabling Environment
• Institution’s overall vision and mission
• Sustaining a culture of creating quality teaching and learning environments

  • Faculty recruitment
  • Faculty development
  • Recognition for faculty
  • Outside-classroom learning infrastructure            
  • Number of faculty training programs
  • Fund allocation for training program
  • Institutional funds allocated
  • Faculty training programs
  • Classroom learning infrastructure
  • Outside-classroom learning infrastructure
  • Fund generation for industry consulting/project

Initiative/ Project/ Service Teacher Quality

Indicate how the institution has been able to maintain following aspects of faculty:

  • Qualification level of the faculty
  • Professional development provided for faculty growth
  • Recognition of teaching abilities
  • Training programs for faculty
  • Faculty exchange program with other institutions in India and on international locations
  • Adaptability and flexibility of the faculty to adapt to the changes
  • Faculty development programs

Curriculum and Pedagogy

  • Is your institute providing new and emerging coursework which is more industry specific? How is the faculty responding to those changes?
  • Does your institute design the coursework in collaboration with the industry and faculty member?
  • Innovative approaches in pedagogy or research developed by your faculty


  • Detail out the infrastructure and facilities made available to the faculty to support their growth and development


  • Detail out how your institute partners with other faculty and institutes to constantly upgrade the knowledge of existing faculty members
  • If the faculty and institution is open for collaboration with industry and other institution
  • If institution provides industry exposure to faculty through regular interactions, workshops, training programs etc.


  • Detail out how the faculty has adopted and adapted to change by incorporating innovative technology led methods for training and teaching

Process and Outcome Metrics

The impact should be measurable and generic statements should be avoided. Supporting evidence should be provided in form of measurable reports and metrics to assist jury members in evaluation of impact.

The participant needs to provide measurable data on below points:

  • Full-time faculty, international faculty and visiting faculty
  • Amount of training/consulting revenues generated through faculty’s work with industry
  • Amount of external research grants obtained by faculty
  • Total number of hours spent in training the faculty
  • Number of external awards and recognition received by the faculty
  • Overall student feedback on teaching-learning
  • Total number of papers presented at national/international conferences by your faculty
  • Total number of industry experts as adjunct faculty
  • Total faculty sent abroad for faculty exchange program

Technology & Collaboration

What are the innovative technologies led initiatives undertaken by the institution?
The innovative approaches and digital pedagogy that the faculty practice in their teaching and learning. Leveraging technology to maximize the impact of the initiative/ project undertaken by the institution to improve the outcome.

  • Does your faculty regularly use classroom-based digital teaching-learning software?
  • Does your faculty regularly use online tools for outside-classroom teaching and learning (e.g. social networks, chats, video conferencing)?
  • Is your faculty well versed with digital pedagogy and platforms for teaching and learning?
  • Does your faculty enrol in online professional courses for professional development?
  • Does your faculty actively participate in online professional communities?
  • Does your faculty try out new education technology innovations in their teaching-learning practices? Give examples
  • Does your institution have a dedicated education technology professional whose role is to improve teaching-learning processes through use of appropriate EdTech?
  • Do you use any analytics tools to get augment personal insight into student performance and learning behaviours?
  • Do you use simulations and serious games or other project-based learning methods to provide your students necessary life-like experiences and skills?
  • Do you use any digital pedagogy / techniques such as differentiated instruction, adaptive learning, gamification and badges to build greater student engagement and improve learning outcomes across courses?


  • How well-spread are research activities across all schools/departments?
  • How do you collaborate with industry on research?
  • How do you collaborate with peer institutions on research?
  • How are you leveraging technology and tools to create impactful research?

Future Plans

What are the steps you will take to sustain the above-mentioned initiative/ project/ service:

  • Invite more subject matter experts to impart knowledge to the students
  • Conduct team building activities to maintain a harmonic environment within the institution
  • Invite experts from across the globe to train the faculty
  • Impact of technology to scale up the initiative/ project/ service

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  • The award categories may be changed/modified/split/merged/increased or cancelled by the jury based on the number and quality of entries received in each category.


  • If no participant in a category is found to be worthy of inclusion by the jury, the award category may be cancelled by the jury. The decision of the Jury in this regard will be final and non-contestable. The Awards management will not entertain any queries in this regard.