Research ecosystem institutions which have established a sustainable ecosystem for research to strengthen collaborations among institutions, organizations, and communities to leverage talent across institutions for research.

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Submission Guidelines

Showcase your institution's initiative, project, or service as part of a case study for the awards. The case study should clearly demonstrate the objective of the initiative, as well as the measurable impact it has had. It is important to support this impact with evidence and reports.
To help guide you in creating your case study, we have provided a few illustrations of enabling environments, initiatives, projects, services, technologies, and collaborations that have had a positive impact. However, please note that these examples are not exhaustive, and we encourage institutions to submit any initiative, project, or service they feel is deserving of recognition.

In addition to highlighting the impact of your initiative, it is important to discuss future plans and potential outcomes. This will demonstrate your institution's commitment to continued progress and innovation.

Overall, we want your case study to effectively communicate the value and success of your institution's work. By providing a well-presented and comprehensive description of your initiative and its impact, you will increase the chances of your institution being recognized and awarded for its work in the particular area.

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Enabling Ecosystem

  • Institution’s overall vision and mission
  • Objective of the institution focusing on research
  • Sustaining a culture of research in your institution (qualitative)
    • Alignment with Performance Management/Compensation
    • Roles & responsibilities
    • Recognition for faculty
    • Recognition for students

Sustaining a culture of research in your institution (quantitative)

    • Institutional funds allocated
    • Labs
    • Size of Incubation space
    • PHD candidates
    • Research associations
  • Role of the team members to promote research activities at the institution
  • Institutional budget allocated for research

Initiative/ Project/ Service

The initiative/ project/ service could be in the below listed areas and institutions should be able to demonstrate the following or more through their entries.

Enabling Research

  • How is your institute promoting quality related research programs?
  • Does your institute collaborate with stakeholders for promotion and sustenance of research studies?
  • What innovative research has your institute done and how has it impacted the field?
  • What significant economic, social, cultural or other social needs have the research provided in the field?
  • Does your institute promote research study practices amongst students through faculty knowledge, availability of skills and resources and funding options etc.?
  • Does your institute partner with organizations to help enhance the research projects?
  • Details of the patents filed or granted
  • Do you have any Centre of Excellence/ incubation centre with industry or other stakeholders for research?

Resource Mobilisation

  • Does your institute provide support in terms of financial, academic, and human resources required?
  • How is your institution flexible in administrative matters for the faculty to be able to perform and submit research papers?
  • How do you encourage interdisciplinary and interdepartmental research activities and resource sharing?
  • Do you receive any sponsorship or aid from the government, industry, or any other sources?


  • Describe your policies regarding faculty performing research using the existing facilities of the institute
  • Does your institute collaborate with other agencies / institutions / research bodies for sharing research facilities and undertake collaborative research?

Process and Outcome Metrics

The impact should be measurable and generic statements should be avoided. Supporting evidence should be provided in form of measurable reports and metrics to assist jury members in evaluation of impact.

  • Curriculum & Pedagogy (Research published in different sources, coursework changes, benefit of partnerships etc.)
  • Students (Development of students, increased knowledge, number of research projects, number of patents filed and acquired, start-ups incubated etc.)
  • Faculty (Training to conduct research, professional development, research papers published, patents filed and acquired, start-ups incubated etc.)
  • Collaboration (Increased revenue from research studies, enhanced brand image etc.)
  • Funding (self-funded research, funding received from external sources, etc)
  • Any other

Technology and Collaboration

What are the innovative technologies led initiatives undertaken by the institution?

  • Leveraging technology to maximize the impact of the initiative/ project undertaken by the institution to improve the outcome
  • Leveraging technology to collaborate with industry/ peer institutions to foster research


  • Do you provide technology-based e-portfolio platforms where researchers can share their achievements internally and externally?
  • Do you post and regularly update your research work on the institution website or project specific sites?
  • Have subscriptions to online research journals that are made available to researchers?
  • Are researchers subscribed to online communities such as
  • Do researchers use tools such as Zotero for research or Grammarly for writing assistance?
  • Do you have a subscription to online databases, knowledge repositories or other open access repositories that your researchers can access?
  • Do you have tools for checking plagiarism?
  • Do you have hardware and software tools for research purposes (statistical analyses, domain specific software tools and hardware)?


  • How well-spread are research activities across all schools/departments?
  • How do you collaborate with industry on research?
  • How do you collaborate with peer institutions on research?
  • How are you leveraging technology and tools to create impactful research?

Future Plans

List the steps taken by your institute to conduct research studies. These could include the following:

  • Steps taken by you to sustain the mentioned initiative/ project/ service
  • Funding provided to sustain the initiative/ project/ service
  • Academic support to conduct the research: New subjects/ study material added as an outcome of the research conducted
  • Infrastructure growth: Infrastructure provided to conduct and sustain the initiative/ project/ service
  • Impact of technology to scale up the initiative/ project/ service
  • Any other

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  • The award categories may be changed/modified/split/merged/increased or cancelled by the jury based on the number and quality of entries received in each category.
  • If no participant in a category is found to be worthy of inclusion by the jury, the award category may be cancelled by the jury. The decision of the Jury in this regard will be final and non-contestable. The Awards management will not entertain any queries in this regard.