Ficci Awards

University of the Year

Universities which have demonstrated overall excellence and shown a significant contribution in the past academic year in the areas of pedagogy, curriculum development, faculty, infrastructure, research, technology, employability and governance, etc.

Excellence in Faculty

Institutions which have created a conducive environment and provided incentives to attract and retain high quality faculty

Excellence in Employability through Industry Engagement

Institutions which have worked towards students employability and entrepreneurship skills to ensure a highly employable talent pool

Excellence in Internationalization of Education

Institutions which have aligned and developed different aspects of education (curriculum, faculty, collaborative partnerships, etc.) to international standards and have set new benchmarks

Excellence in Enabling Research Environment

Institutions that have created conducive environment to encourage culture of research & innovation and supporting students and faculty with adequate research infrastructure, resources and collaborative partnerships

Excellence in Institutional Social Responsibility

Institutions that have created sustainable ecosystems through various ISR initiatives

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